Signal Integrity & Power Integrity
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Spin spin spin – Design, Layout, Lab then Redesign, Layout, Lab. Stop the PCB spins with Good Signal Integrity – First Time Right

In today's digital designs, Signal Integrity analysis is required. The fast rise and fall times of ICs will cause many boards to fail immediately in the lab or worse yet, later in the hands of your customer. Just a few years before simulation was optional or only needed for a few 'important' signals. That approach can no longer be used - the entire board must be analyzed.

Signal Integrity Skills

Unfortunately many companies do not have the skill set to do the necessary investigations of transmission line effects. So their boards will have problems in the lab. That means board spins and wasting valuable engineering time. Fast Edges can provide you with these skills.

Signal Integrity Analysis

We can do Signal Integrity, consulting and analysis with our experienced staff and industry standard tool sets - both software and hardware. Let us give you production quality boards without the headaches of learning new tools.


SI Class Schedule

Signal/Power Integrity
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October 22 - 24
Beijing, China
October 26 - 28
Hangzhou, China
November 12 - 14
Irvine, CA
December 8 - 10

Fast Edges has many different classes all over the world. SI/PI, jitter, high speed layout and custom classes. Please contact us for a public or private class.