about me

Rod Strange, Signal Integrity Specialist

SI Engineer BSEE, MSEE, and BS Psychology

1976 – 1992 Design engineer

1992 – 2014 SI Consultant, Fast Edges

2014 – 2017 SI Manager Teraspeed Consulting

2018 – present SI Consultant, Fast Edges

Over 25 years of experience as a SI engineer. 7 years as SI consultant for Intel. Intel contracted Rod to write a SI class for their engineers. Since then presented the SI class to more than 100 companies throughout the world.

Companies include Nokia (lived in Finland), Lucent (US, Europe, Brazil), IBM, Philips, Tektronix, Boeing, Rockwell, Dell, HP, Motorola, Samsung (Korea), Siemens, NSA, BAE Systems, Barco, Northrop Grumman, Intel, RIM, EADS, etc.